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Sake Temperature

Sake Temperature

Sake can enjoy in a wide range of temperatures. Basically the range is from 5℃/41°F to 55℃/131°F. Sake calls different name by the temperatures.


reishu-Cold Sake

Rei-shu (冷酒) is cold sake. There are 3 types of Rei-shu by temperatures.

Yukihie (雪冷え)

Temperature : 5℃/41°F

Hanahie (花冷え)

Temperature : 10℃/50°F

Suzuhie (涼冷え)

Temperature : 15℃/59°F



Sake Jo-on Hiya

Jo-on (常温) is also called Hiya (冷や).  
Temperature : 20℃/68°F



sake kanzake hot sake warmed sake

Kanzake (燗) can be called Warmed Sake or Hot Sake. There are 3 types of Kanzake by temperatures.

Hinatakan (日向燗)

Temperature : 30℃/86°F

Hitohadakan (人肌燗)

Temperature : 35℃/95°F

Nurukan (ぬる燗)

Temperature : 40℃/104°F

Jokan (上燗)

Temperature : 45℃/113°F

Atsukan (熱燗)

Temperature : 50℃/122°F

Tobikirikan (飛び切り燗)

Temperature : 55℃/131°F

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